​Project Nexus Tucson is an inclusive organization dedicated to serving the Tucson community and the greater good by mobilizing members in support of local organizations that serve marginalized groups; employing education and activism to work toward an equitable government that represents and serves all people; and empowering ourselves and others by modeling empathy and creating safe spaces for dialogue and understanding.

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Why Project Nexus?

Project Nexus is a community of members in and around Tucson, AZ who are committed to fueling action that inspires change and work toward a greater good in our community. In a time of extreme and reactionary politics and a national conversation shaped by dehumanization, we remain committed to local actions that build on the strengths of the community and work toward a local vision of justice and equality. Formerly known as Pantsuit Nation, Tucson Chapter, Project Nexus turns the stories that inspire us into actions that change our community.

So, what do we DO?

We put Tucson in activism! By connecting Tucsonans to each other, sharing local events, creating space for discussions, and establishing a nexus of committed activists, we work together toward a vision of local justice and equality.

How can I become a member?

Join our Facebook group and join the action.

Please see our Member Code.

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Questions? Comments? Wanna volunteer? Send us a note!

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